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Yay to Pharmacists!!

Oct 27, 2021 | Blogs | 2 comments

Thank You, Pharmacists!

October is Pharmacists Month. Special days have been set aside throughout the month to recognize, all pharmacists, women pharmacists, and senior care pharmacists.

Pharmacists have been at the forefront of providing vaccinations and COVID tests.

Throughout the pandemic, you could still count on your pharmacist to fill medications for you if you were home or in the hospital.

Pharmacists can keep you up to date with your vaccinations for COVID, flu, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), and shingles to name a few.

Pharmacists are the most available health care provider that you can see and ask a question- more so than other health care providers.

Pharmacists fill your prescriptions at the hospital, pharmacy, and throughout the health system.

Pharmacists provide medication reviews, help insurances with coverage of medications, advocate for their patients, and work throughout the pharmacy industry on many levels.

Pharmacists are in many facets of health care and industry.

Senior care pharmacists take special care in looking at your medications regarding falls and potentially inappropriate medications. To learn more about senior care pharmacists and to find a senior care pharmacist in your state visit the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists HelpWithMyMeds website

Think about the times you have asked a pharmacist a question about medications that you or a family member take? Have you gone to a pharmacy and asked a pharmacist about an over-the-counter product, supplement, or herbal? Pharmacists can also recommend lifestyle and non-medication options as part of a treatment plan.

Thank a pharmacist for their continued assistance in the health of you and your community.

Keeping checking my website for information on medications and deprescribing. In the meantime, stay WISE & WELL!


  1. Amy h

    Great blog. Thank you to all pharmacists for your hard work!

  2. Steven Zhang

    The role of a pharmacist has been overlooked in the past years. Only recently, after the pandemic, would we see the general public appreciating the importance of the pharmacist. When someone is asked who a pharmacist is, they imagine a pill counter. They are more than medication dispensers. They are healthcare professionals with extensive knowledge of medicine and the human body. During the pandemic, it was tough to access primary care physicians, but the pharmacist was always available with a short phone call away. Pharmacist appreciation month is very important for pharmacists to be recognized for their hard work!

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