Independent Consulting

Dr. Donna Bartlett is available for independent consulting for organizations and individuals. Consulting can be provided for:

[email protected]: Workplace programs and consults to aid employees that find themselves in caregiver roles and for general health programs on understanding health care, Medicare Part D, drug coverage, and well-being goals of common chronic conditions.

Medical Offices: A program to help deprescribe to optimize medications in the patients seen by the medical group.

Consider buying books in bulk for your event, ask about bulk discount prices.

Individuals: Webinar availability to learn about common issues and where individuals can set up one-to-one consults for an individualized session.

Consulting session tele

what people are saying

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge! It was incredibly helpful to me to have an understanding, especially when discussing a discharge plan. My Dad is off of two medications that he has taken for years but we're now causing issues. He is doing well.“

– Sarah C., Family Caregiver

Interested in setting up a consulting session? Reach out to learn more.