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May 10, 2021 | Blogs | 0 comments

Is it Age or is it Medication?

Think about those you know that are 65 years or older. How many medications do they take? Be certain to include prescriptions, over-the-counter products, supplements, and herbals in that total number. And don’t forget the eye drops, inhalers, nasal sprays, and topicals.

Next is to think about how the person feels, are they achy, barely getting around? Falling? Complaining that they have difficulty sleeping, are tired, have no energy, feel dizzy or lightheaded? Maybe they are moody, or uncomfortable due to constipation or an overactive bladder.

These are not necessarily new problems that need more treatment. They could be side effects of new medications or medications that someone has taken for years. Our bodies change with age and the way that medications are absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and eliminated changes too.

Keep following my blog weekly and you will learn the process of optimizing medications with your health care team. Deprescribing takes time, but it just may reduce the risk of falls, adverse drug interactions, and adverse side effects.



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