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Has it ‘Been a Minute’ Since Your Last Med Review?

Aug 24, 2021 | Blogs | 0 comments

For some reason, I love the new slang “It’s been a minute.” It’s probably not that ‘new’ but I am new at using it. 

This play on words, “It’s been a minute,” means it’s been a while, a pause, some time has passed. I think we can all use this slang easily since COVID began. It’s probably ‘been a minute’ since you last visited someone, traveled, or went to a favorite restaurant or coffee shop.

Sometimes we have been on a med ‘for a minute’ too. Maybe we need to try to deprescribe ‘for a minute’, that is take a pause to see if a medication is still necessary and still beneficial, especially if you are not quite feeling 100%. Perhaps you do not feel as steady or clear-minded or you are self-treating a condition that is actually a side effect. 

This week I am adding a new template for what to consider, ask your health care team, think about, monitor, and evaluate when deprescribing. Below are some points to consider. Make certain to click on the “Templates” option to learn more. Use the template as a guide to ask questions and write down the deprescribing plan.

  • Be certain you are clear on the medication that is being deprescribed and write it down. There are many look-alikes, sound-alike medications, or you may be thinking of a different one, it happens. 
  • Decide with your health care provider if you are stopping, reducing, or changing the medication to a safer med, and write down any specific instructions.
  • Determine the monitoring that is necessary, if you need to have labs drawn, and when, or if you need to self-monitor. You may need to keep a check on your blood pressure, weight, or blood glucose levels for example. Keep a diary of this information until your next appointment.
  • Be certain to have a follow-up with your health care provider scheduled.
  • Ask yourself how you are feeling about the change.
  • Continue to work with your provider at every visit to review your medications keeping in mind that there may be an option to deprescribe.

Be certain to work with your health care providers to optimize your medications through deprescribing. And remember to check back each week for more information on deprescribing.


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