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Are You In? Staying WISE and WELL: PART II

Jul 20, 2021 | Blogs | 0 comments

Deprescribe to Optimize

A look at chronic health conditions and medications

I am so excited to bump into people and have them tell me their story of deprescribing, especially when it’s due to their reading my blog or watching the video Staying WISE and WELL. I hear people say that reading or listening to information provided on deprescribing, “Made me think about the meds I have been taking,” and “I spoke with my doctor and I am making some med changes.” Hearing these stories makes me know that people “Are in”! We have a long way to go but these individual steps that folks take are a step in the direction of good medicine.

This week I have Part II of the Staying WISE and WELL series. This again is a different type of “blog”. A blog of my speaking to older adults and caregivers about polypharmacy and deprescribing. In Part II we take a closer look at chronic conditions that are treated with multiple medications. I would like to give a special thanks to the Brewster, MA Council on Aging located on beautiful Cape Cod for hosting and recording this two-part series on deprescribing. This is available on Cape Cod TV and also here for your viewing if you are not on the Cape. Thank you to Andrea for inviting me to participate in this program and to Lisa for coordinating the recording. 

Why might you want to take a look and listen to Staying WISE and WELL: Part II Deprescribe to optimize: A look at chronic health conditions and medications?

  • Learn common chronic health conditions that need more than one medication to treat 
  • Review medications that should not be combined and medications of high risk that need to be taken with care and monitored regularly
  • Consider a thoughtful approach to multiple medications, over-the-counter products, and marijuana 
  • Make reviewing  your medications and your health goals a regular part of your doctor and pharmacy visits

Part II Link

In case you would like to review Part I, here is the link:

Return to my blog weekly for more information on deprescribing and the process of deprescribing. 

Stay wise and well!


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